High Quality and Environmental Friendly Green Natural Pollution-free Bamboo Fence

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High Quality And Environmental Friendly Green Natural Pollution-free Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fence is a best natural Eco-friendly fencing whether the price or the service life . It can be use in inside fencing and outside fencing .Our bamboo is from the best location of famous bamboo town Anji China . Our bamboo have one of a kind color and our density of bamboo is higher than hardwood due to the best special geographical position .

We are only one factory of the biggest and oldest and keep continue growing. Our main products are natural bamboo fence ,black bamboo fence ,bamboo pole , bamboo slats , Split bamboo ,bamboo stakes ,bamboo canes ,bamboo screen ,bamboo panel ,bamboo bar ,bamboo chair , bamboo desk, bamboo furniture,bamboo ladder ,Bamboo Towel rack ,decorate bamboo poles ., Bamboo building materials. Contact email: linda@hlbamboo.com T. 4001001283 

If you are interested in the high quality and environmental friendly green natural pollution-free bamboo fence, welcome to buy the bamboo products made in China at a discount from us. And the customized service is also offered in low price. Now, check the quotation with us.