Natural High Quality Bamboo Poles for Trees Supporting with Compete Price

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Natural high quality bamboo poles for trees supporting With Compete Price

Bamboo stakes(cane) is a best natural Eco-friendly materials of can replace wood for support. Our effective size of bamboo stakes diameter from 6mm - 160mm Length from 61-600cm. The kind of bamboo is Tonkin bamboo and moso bamboo. 

We are only one factory of the biggest and oldest and keep continue growing. Our main products are natural bamboo fence ,black bamboo fence ,bamboo pole , bamboo slats, Split bamboo ,bamboo stakes ,bamboo canes ,bamboo screen ,bamboo panel ,bamboo bar ,bamboo chair, bamboo desk, bamboo furniture,bamboo ladder ,Bamboo Towel rack ,decorate bamboo poles ., Bamboo building materials. Contact email :  T. 0086 572 5076055 

If you are interested in the natural high quality bamboo poles for trees supporting with compete price, welcome to buy the bamboo products made in China at a discount from us. And the customized service is also offered in low price. Now, check the quotation with us.